Celebrating the Magic of Libraries and the Heart of Volunteers

I love libraries, I always have. They’re more than just buildings filled with books; they’re a testament to the brilliance of civilization, a showcase of how humans can be truly great. Libraries are, in a word, magical.

Whenever I find myself in a new place, I make it a point to visit the local library. It’s like a passport to understanding the soul of a community. I grew up in Brazil, a land filled with countless wonders, but libraries, well, with a few exceptions, they were like appetizers in a world of feasts, especially when compared to the splendid libraries I’ve had the privilege to discover here in the United States.

I vividly remember my first visit to the New York Public Library, a towering fortress of wisdom that left my 14-year-old self spellbound. For me, libraries are enchanted realms where the wonders of human imagination come alive.

As the years passed, I was fortunate to visit many libraries in different countries. Each one held its own unique charm, offering a world of knowledge and inspiration.

In Simsbury, our charming town, we’re blessed with a library that’s the heartbeat of our community. Our library is effervescent, a place where life unfolds. It serves over 1,000 residents every day, offering a haven of learning, exploration, and connection. It’s a testament to what our community truly values.

And just like countless libraries across the country, the Friends of the Library play a vital role in nurturing this cultural home.

One of their shining moments is the annual Book Sale – a remarkable event that raises crucial funds for our beloved library. It’s an endeavor made possible by the unwavering dedication of incredible individuals, especially Annie Wallack, a tireless champion for the cause, and the extensive community of volunteers who selflessly devote their time and energy to make the Book Sale a success.

Last Friday, October 27th, they gathered at Ana’s Kitchen to celebrate another triumphant Book Sale, a moment that fills me with pride and joy. You see, I’m a proud member of the Friends of the Simsbury Library, and hosting a luncheon for this incredible community was a genuine pleasure.

So, here’s to all the libraries in the world, to the dreamers who roam their shelves, and to the heroes who make them thrive – the volunteers. Let’s raise a toast to the magic of libraries and the boundless generosity of those who give their time to keep the pages turning. After all, libraries and volunteers, like good food and laughter, are a vital part of life’s best recipe.

Cheers, my friends, to libraries and those who light the way, one page at a time!

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